Welcome to the Anglican Church in Arnhem and Nijmegen

Our chaplaincy

We are an international, English speaking church which holds services and other religious and social activities in English.

A warm welcome awaits everyone who would like to join us in celebrating the gospel of Jesus Christ, in worship, service and community life. We are part of the Church of England’s Diocese in Europe and the worldwide Anglican Communion. We hold church services, Bible studies and other activities in English.

Our church congregation includes Protestants and Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, families, couples, and singles. Everyone is welcome to join our services. Our international congregation comes from all over the world – including the Netherlands. Temporary residents and students are especially welcome to join us.


This service is cancelled.

We are people of hope! Jesus has shown that life is stronger than death. If death can be conquered, then all problems in life are submitted to the power of our loving God.
You are warmly welcome to celebrate Easter with us this Sunday, 4 April, at 11am in Kruispuntkerk, Van Hogendorpstraat 126, Nijmegen.
We are careful to abide by the general rules, but that gives us enough space for worshipfully meeting and enjoying each other’s company.


On Sunday 25 April, most probably directly after our worship service in Nijmegen, we will hold our AGM. Please make a mental note.

Join us for Morning Prayer

Every Monday and Tuesday, 9 am. Using the following zoom link should bring you straight into the prayer room. All welcome to attend.


To be a Christian

Every Tuesday from 7-8pm (beginning 8 September) we hold a Zoom meeting to talk about what it means to be a Christian. For that we use Anglican Catechism: To be a Christian.
If you like to participate, we need to invite you by email.

So send us send us your mail (ObscureMyEmailJos) and let us know that you want to be invited each week.
Welcome - this Zoom meeting is open for all.

Stay in touch

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any comments, concerns, if you want a personal visit, or if you need prayer.

If you're not yet on our maling list, if you would like to be added to our WhatsApp group, or if you would like to join our (online) weekly prayer group, please let us know.

Home Communion, Pastoral Talk

We are happy to come to you! (Sure, in a safe manner). If you can't come to church, revd Adriaan Verwijs and Jos Strengholt are happy to come to you to celebrate Eucharist in your home, if you so wish.

They can come to your home, pray and celebrate. That can be done in your living room, or in your garden. They can keep a holy distance and ensure everybody's health!

If you like this idea, please contact ObscureMyEmailJos
If you need to talk with them for pastoral reasons, that can also be done by a home visit, or face-to-face using Zoom, Skype or Facebook.

Our Chaplain : Rev Dr Jos Strengholt

Jos Strengholt S

Our Chaplain : Rev Dr Jos Strengholt

Jos Strengholt S



01–01-2021   Into 2021 with confidence

When we consider the year that is past, we might get some words in mind that are not proper to write here. For many of us, the year was not easy. And will 2021 be much different? At least it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel.
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Please note, we are a self-supporting church and raise all income from giving and stewardship.
As God has blessed us, so we should thank Him, by giving accordingly, so please give generously.